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Built for Devs, by Devs.❤️

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Local, Safe and Ready to Go

Getting set up is super easy with Agua. Your code stays local, so it’s secure and private. You can start working after a single terminal command.

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Get It Right the First Time

Gain a clear understanding of your codebase from the start, helping you write code that works seamlessly. Spend more time building and less time debugging.

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Visualize Your Code

No more digging through endless lines of code. Agua’s Components Tree and Dependencies Tree let you see your project’s structure at a glance.

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Effortless Documentation with One Click

Tired of dealing with documentation? Agua’s AI-powered feature creates thorough documentation with just one click. Keep your team updated effortlessly, and focus on the parts of coding you enjoy.

May  2024:

Beta Launch

Lets get started:

Spend less time searching
for files and documenting.

  1. Components Call-Graph.
  2. Components Preview.
  3. Dependencies Call-Graph.
  4. Integrated IDE.
  5. One-Click Documentation. with your ownn API.

Welcome to Agua ❤️.

June  2024:

Monthly update

One more thing...

  1. Use Agua's AI to document .

Documenting your code is even faster.

July 2024:
Alpha Launch

Back to basics

Lets understand how
components work.

  1. Functions custom logic Flows

Visualize how every componente works.

August  2024:
Monthly Release

One more thing...

  1. Shareable component links

You love it, now you can use it at work.

September 2024:
Official Release

We did it!

Our React VisualEnvironment
meets APIs:

  1. Integrated API documentation interface.

Everything you need, all in just one site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with Agua?

If you are new to a project, Agua will generate a component and dependencies graph so you can visualize all your code structure. For each task, Agua will help you locate each file and preview each component with its props. You can edit each component directly in our integrated IDE and use AI to document all your work. As you push your changes, your team will have access to your documentation.

How does Agua document my code?

We have created specific prompts to document comprehensively each of your components props. You only need to connect Agua to your AI provider to start documenting.

Does my code get sent to Agua's servers?

No. Your code only runs locally.

Is Agua free?

Yes, Agua is free for all developers. Do you want to use Agua in your workplace? Check out our ambassadors program and help us go global.

Is Agua like CodeSee?

We are sorry to see CodeSee shut down. We are here for all those devs who hate large codebases with poor documentation. Did you use CodeSee? Talk to our founders.

Is Agua like Storybook?

We share Storybook's mission of making web development easier and faster. That is why we have broadened how you can understand code. With Agua, you can document code at the same time you visually comprehend components and dependencies structure.

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